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Financial Resources For Residential Caregivers.


As a non medical home care service provider, n’house specializes in aiding seniors and others with disabilties. Rest assured that you will receive the care and compassion you need to aid you in the comfort of your very own home. 


We know that it takes time and effort to perform home care services. As a caregiver, whether your aiding a qualifying family member or someone else, you will receive financial compensation for your time and generosity.


The qualification process is simple. If you are disabled or 65 or older contact us to start receiving care. If you are an individual who is already taking care of a loved one, feel free to contact us to see if you qualify to receive financial aid. 

If you’re like

Most people 
You did not know you could be financially compensated to care for a loved one

Many people all over the state of Arizona are already caring for an ailing family member or a cherished loved one without financial compensation. We know this requires time and effort and effects secular work. Our service was made to bring awareness to the Arizona State Funded Programs Available To Everyone In Your Situation.


Non Medical Home Care Services

You do not need to have a nursing background or any degree to receive financial aid from our state funded programs. As a “non medical caregiver”, the services you’ll perform are basic but very helpful to those who need it. 

Basic household cleaning
Attendant Care
Time management aid
Giving a helping hand
Home Safety Check
Being a helpful Companion
Choose your caregiver

As Your Provider

We know that many people already have someone in mind that they would like to become their caregiver. Rest assured that if you do not, as your provider we have very friendly and helpful staff that would be happy to help you with your day to day needs. 

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Financial Compensation For Caregivers

A caregiver can be called upon to perform many tasks. From grocery shopping to washing dishes and laundry, you are providing your time to help someone in need. Our caretakers are paid $11.00 an hour depending on the level of care needed per home. If there is more then one qualifying person in the home you are caring for, you will be paid per hour for each individual that is a member of our program. 

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Guidebook and Time Tracking

*If you have not already applied to become an N’House caregiver, please do so by clicking the “Apply Now” link. 
Registered caregivers, please download the quickbooks tsheets app below to start tracking your time. If you have not received your log in or guidebook, please use the contact us section to request that information.

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Please Read Before Continuing

N'House Inc. is an Arizona Approved Non Medical  Home Care Provider. As such, we are obligated to protect your data and privacy. By continuing you are agreeing to all of the N'house Inc. Policy's and Agreements. The information you give us will be shared with all the necessary Arizona State Government offices and Third Parties. Our goal is to help your caregiver succeed in providing you the very best service. Click on the Privacy and Agreements link at the bottom of any page on"". If you have any questions, Contact Us.