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Arizona Assisted Living

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N’House Inc. is a state of Arizona Approved DDD Vendor

Assisting a disabled loved one is rewarding and often challenging.
To meet the needs of Arizona residents registered with the department of Disabilities during the pandemic.

On August tenth twenty twenty one parents who are currently caring for their disabled children at home can now receive supplemental compensation by becoming caregivers for their own children.

N’House, a provider for Non medical home care is now enrolling eligible families into the disabilities supplemental earnings program.
The D.S.E program is unique because it allows adults who may already have a profession to supplement their household income by
applying to be their own children’s caregivers.

Compensation varies from family to family but typically will earn a household one to two thousand dollars a month simply by tracking the time
you spend in your home with your disabled loved one via the Arizona State Approved App, Sandata.

We hope this helps you to better understand the process and we look forward to working with you.

To begin the process go to the Apply Now tab on this website. Fill out an application and set an Appointment


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N'House Inc. is an Arizona Approved Non MedicalĀ  Home Care Provider. As such, we are obligated to protect your data and privacy. By continuing you are agreeing to all of the N'house Inc. Policy's and Agreements. The information you give us will be shared with all the necessary Arizona State Government offices and Third Parties. Our goal is to help your caregiver succeed in providing you the very best service. Click on the Privacy and Agreements link at the bottom of any page on"nhousecar.com". If you have any questions, Contact Us.