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To help you better understand the overall process, we have put together a simplified version of the steps that are taken. First, after you fill out the necessary form and give us consent to process your patient’s claim n’House will proceed to qualify you through the state Ahcccs system. Now, you may have tried to apply for services before and you may have even been denied. If you received a referral and denial letter from ALTCS don’t worry, we can help. We make sure your claim is filed without errors and sent through the proper channels to receive the financial aid from the state of Arizona you need to properly take care of your patient and get the compensation you need for the time that has been taken out of your career and life to do so.

As a family caregiver we are sure you love your ailing patient but we know how hard it is to try to balance the day to day tasks, pay bills and give 24 hours of care 7 days a week. If your in this position rest assured that the state of Arizona has funds available to help you. As a “non-medical home caregiver” you do not need a degree or a nursing license, although there are very basic requirements and training courses you do need to take. n’House pays for your training and helps you obtain these certificates. There are 2 courses you will need to complete online. Each course can usually be completed within one hour. The courses you will be asked to complete are a basic CPR and First Aid course. Click here to begin courses

After filing your claim n’house will send out a state representative to talk to you about home care and qualify your patient. Once your approved, you can stat logging your time and taking courses to complete minimum requirement. We will send you a link to our app that will allow you to track the time you spent in the home. You may choose direct deposit or a paper check. The state pays you on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

We hope this helps you to better understand the process and we look forward to working with you.


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N'House Inc. is an Arizona Approved Non MedicalĀ  Home Care Provider. As such, we are obligated to protect your data and privacy. By continuing you are agreeing to all of the N'house Inc. Policy's and Agreements. The information you give us will be shared with all the necessary Arizona State Government offices and Third Parties. Our goal is to help your caregiver succeed in providing you the very best service. Click on the Privacy and Agreements link at the bottom of any page on"nhousecar.com". If you have any questions, Contact Us.